By Hayden Baugh


The third week in October is estate planning awareness week, so we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of why it’s important to establish a strong working estate plan. We find that our cases with the highest attorneys’ fees tend to be for individuals who failed to take the time to put their plan in place while they were still able to do so.

Sometimes, our clients wait until they no longer have the testamentary capacity to execute documents, whether due to an accident, dementia, or other terminal disability. Other clients wait too long to plan with someone important in their lives, such as a business partner, spouse, or parent and are later left resolving complex legal issues down the road. Lastly, some clients leave their children’s lives to chance when they don’t recommend in advance who should oversee their finances and with which trusted family members or friends they will live if both parents pass away unexpectedly.

Many of our clients do not want to plan ahead of time because they are busy, and because it is expensive to draft estate planning documents. However, it is far more expensive and takes far more time for your loved ones to resolve difficult legal issues on the back end due to lack of proper planning. By failing to take a proactive approach, we see many families end up leaving significant amounts of money on the table that they could have retained over generations. Make your estate plan a priority and invest in your future today by emailing me at, or calling me at (919) 438-2005 for a complimentary estate planning consultation to discuss your needs!

With this knowledge, now you can Rest Easy.